Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I heart Valentine's Day...

For Valentine's Day (and because it's a snow day) Jack and I made cards!

 Here's how:
Washable, kid-friendly paint, wipes, card stock, & one of Dad's undershirts (Thanks DAD!)

I squirted the paint onto the cards and he smushed it around... and got it everywhere (hence the wipes).

 smush smush smush

 Messy feet!

 We made about 20...
From: Jack!
(he's a little heartbreaker)
We're going to send some to family and to some special friends. :]


MandyEstes said...

Such a cute idea! I might try that with my little 1 year old man. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Mandy! We had a blast! I hope you and your little one have a good time with it too!

Anonymous said...

oh how sweet! he is a little heartbreaker, i'd better keep him away from Briar ;)