Sunday, January 9, 2011

A year in photos 2010

We moved from South Texas to Ft. Worth.
Jack finally was able to use his jumper
(which became his favorite thing to do for a while).
Feb. 1st marked Jack's first taste of baby food! PRUNES!!
 February was also Jack's first ever SNOW!
(Isn't my husband cute?)
We went on a 10 day trip to my hometown to visit family & watch my niece compete in dancing.
They came back with us for a while.
We went to the museum, shopped, and hung out with these two the whole time.
So fun!
In March, Jeremy and I made out first ever wedding cake for our beautiful friends. 
AND Jack sat up on his own!
(look at those CHEEKS!)
April was Jack's 6 month birthday.
We took him to the park for the first time.
He loved the swings (for a little while at least).
 April was also Jack's first Easter!
 I made a RAINBOW cake!
(just had to sneak this one in there.. it's too cute!)

We took Jack to the zoo for the first time! 
 It was part of my Mother's Day.
 Jack learned how to take over the living room.
He's perfected that since then.

Cute but messy... just like daddy.
June was HOT. 
But Jack loves going outside.
 We got Jack a little outdoor pool.
He "swam" almost every day.
He loved his pool!
And it was SO SO hot outside (100+) that it was a lifesaver.
(This is my favorite photo)
We had a visit from two of my favorite people! 
Heather and Joel Hughes.
Little stinker.

 More swimming.
 We've got a Rangers FAN!
Lots of crawling. 
And I got to visit this sweet little angel A LOT! 

We had some attempts at walking....
And some
I started working!
Went to a Ranger's Game!
 Celebrated Jeremy's 30th!

Watch these two gorgeous people get married.
 Went to South Texas to celebrate Jack's 1st birthday!
 We had a Yo Gabba Gabba party!
 He loved cake!
(and his crown!)
 Jack had his first hair cut!
 We had another birthday party for Jack!
 Best friends and future best friends

I got my first Blythe!! 


 We took Jack to the pumpkin farm.

Jack and I went to south Texas to surprise my beautiful mom on her 50th!

We celebrated my 26th bday with some wonderful friends! 
(Thanks again Selina for this SUPER CUTE cupcake!!!)
(he wasn't crazy about his Yoda costume....)
He was Yoda/Jedi!

 Tired to have lots of Mommy/Jack time.
Fall FINALLY came.

 We got ready for Christmas!
Santa brought an early gift!
We were silly!
Merry Christmas!
Enjoyed the cold on long walks.

We had a great year. Hopefully this year will be even better!
Now it's time for Jack cuddles.

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