Monday, January 31, 2011

We had a nice day...

Yesterday was one of the last nice days before it gets really cold so Jack, Jeremy, and I took full advantage. 
 I actually got up AFTER the sun! (That hasn't happened in a LONG LONG while).
 Jack was ready to go outside! He loves those little cars and he'll drive them up and down the windowsill for hours. :] 
 We went to Dunkin' Doughnuts! Yum.
 My boys enjoying their doughnuts. Jack had an old fashion (no frosting or glaze).
 Yup. They were THAT good.
My new favorite drink... vanilla chai. yum.
We played outside some but Jack is still sick (I know... Over a week now of the exact same symptoms). so we played some then went to get lunch!
 One of our favorite places to eat... Mongolian Grill.
I had lots of veggies & tofu.
 Jack liked watching them cook our food.
Cookin' cookin'
We went home and ate then had nap time/play/mess time :)
After everyone was up and ready again, we headed to Yogurtland! My favorite. Jack loved the huge fountain right outside. It was getting kind of cool by then, so we ate our yogurt in the car.
Red velvet cake batter with granola & toasted coconut with coconut flakes, mochi, & rainbow sprinkles. Yumm.
In the car.
Then we headed to Central Market (our favorite grocery store).
We got all sorts of fun stuff! I bought everything I need to make & post a few recipes on here! I can't wait!
I got a little chill time because my awesome husband gave Jack a bath. So I had some fun with a little piece of knit fabric I cut off of a shirt. It's a little Elsie inspired. :)

We went to bed fairly early and woke up this morning just in time to give Jeremy hugs and kisses before work. These days are hard because Jeremy has work from 8am to almost after 10pm. He hardly gets to see Jack.

Today we are:
-doing laundry
-hopefully getting well
-making messes
-lots of hugs & kisses

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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