Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pretty wrapping DIY-ish...

 I am not the best wrapper. I can never get the corners to fold correctly and they usually end up messy, but this year I wanted to try something to make the incorrect corners less noticeable. 

You will need:
- wrapping paper or newspaper or any paper you want to wrap your pretty present with
- yarn (or you could use ribbon)
- Instant photos (polaroid, instax, etc.)
 Wrap your present however you'd like. I won't go in to these steps since I am not very good at them.

Then cut yourself a large enough piece of yarn to wrap around the gift several times. 
 You can wrap it going one way or two. I really like the way two looks.
Then write on the photo who the gift is for using a sharpie or a metallic pen. 
Then you're done! Easy peasy.

We got Jack the Cars dvd, so I added a Car to the outside of the wrapped gift. 

 You can add handmade pom poms or any other adornment you'd like. Here is a pom pom tutorial.

 I wrapped a lot.

Happy Wrapping! 



RockerByeBaby said...

CUTENESS! Love the polaroid idea :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Amber!!! :] :]

Delirium said...

What an amazing idea! I love polaroids.

I found your blog through sometimes sweet! You have a very interesting/cute blog. :)

Amanda said...

Thank you, Delirium! :]

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of polaroids. I'm a pretty good wrapper if I do say so myself, but not very many people are impressed with well folded corners. They would probably ooh and aah over a polaroid or a toy though. Cute ideas!

Amanda said...

Thanks Leyla! :]

Blue Skied Charlotte: said...

Hi, visiting via Sometimes Sweet.

I really like this idea, you could use christmas themed pics, or sneakpeaks at what is inside (like an extreme close-up of one side). Oh, or photos of the recipient, this would work really well when you have little ones who don't recognise their own name yet - save that scenario when you wake up on xmas morning to find your toddler has opened everyone's presents!

Blue Skies
Charlotte xo