Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas list...

My mom wanted me to make a little wish list, because she thinks she's Santa.

Kick Back & Relax Dress via ModCloth 

Serious Shopper Dress via ModCloth

Starlette Crown via Giant Dwarf

My DREAM doll :] 
Blythe Doll Friendly Freckles via Ebay




URBANEARS Headphones via Urban Outfitters





Choices: Matcha Exotic Candy Bar, Goji Exotic Candy Bar,
Woolloomooloo Exotic Candy Bar, Organic Habana Candy Bar, Naga Exotic Candy Bar, & Black Pearl Exotic Candy Bar

That's a lot. Whew.


kirst said...

lovely list! im in love with the headphones (my fave colour! I want a ukelele in a matching shade...)
you have another follower :)
merry christmas xo

Amanda said...

Thank you!!!

I am in live with the headphones! I hope my other "santa" is paying attention! :)