Monday, November 8, 2010

My days off...

I've recently started working full-time as the main baker at the cupcake shop. It's amazingly fun and I get to be creative.

The bad/hard part for me is being away from Jack all day. I usually leave right after he wakes up in the morning and I'm home around 5ish. I get a few hours at night with him and I put him to bed. The first week was brutal. I've never had anxiety before this. It's extremely difficult but I always have to remind myself that it's better for Jack for me to work and be able to provide for him :)

I have Sunday and Mondays off. This weekend consisted of:

- tying to get my aircon fixed in my car

- Jamba Juice

- lots of cuddle time

- my Saturday dress up day

- huge tv buying & watching

- a tiny trip to Target for Red Velvet milk!

I love these boys :) <3

I hope everyone had a great weekend. :)

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